Crocodiles are just like Alligators but one thing, Crocodiles are bigger than Alligators.  Crocodile babies hatch from soft leathery like eggs, if the temperature is between 88 or 90 degrees, then it is a male, if it is lower or higher, then it is a female.  After the babies hatch they start calling their mother, when she is there she will pick them up in her mouth! Crocodiles have 14 other species.  Crocodiles are also excellent swimmers.




How to prevent an Alligator attack



Alligator attacks can be very dangerous especially when angry.  If bitten get to a hospital for help, if not treated in time, it could lead to an infection.  Don’t let any children go near a lake or swamp with Alligators in it, if there are no Alligators in the lake or swamp it is safe.  If you spot an Alligator walk away slowly and quietly.  Alligators are afraid of you just like you are afraid of them, but that doesn’t mean it is harmless.  So if you spot an Alligator, be extra careful.

Alligators vs. Crocodiles

The American Alligator is a big reptile that is actually not as aggressive as the Crocodile, although they can still be dangerous.  Alligator teeth don’t show, but the Crocodile’s teeth show.  The head of a Crocodile is longer and narrower while an Alligator’s head is larger and rounded.  Alligator feet are not webbed like Crocodile feet.  Alligators can weigh up to 1,000 lbs and can grow up to 10-19 ft.  Adult male gators are usually bigger than female gators.  A Crocodile can grow up to 19 feet and 2 inches.  The Crocodile can weigh up to 1,100 lbs.  The habitat of the American Alligator is swamp lands in the U.S. or southern Florida.   Crocodiles normally live near rivers and lakes and can live in southern Florida, tropical places in Africa, Asia, and Australia.  I like the Crocodile the best because  they just look cool.  Which one do you like? The Crocodile or the Alligator?


How to take care of a pet snake

If you want a snake, first ask your parents 😃.  Some of the easiest snakes to take of are, a king snake, corn snake and a rat snake.  My brother has a pet Boa that is also easy to take care of.  Pet king snakes are very easy to take care of.  We had two king snakes in AZ.  Here are a few things you need for a pet snake: Snakes are cold blooded animals so you may know that they need a heat lamp, they need a hiding spot and they need a terrarium as long as their body, from head to tail.



Treating Snake Bites

Snake bites can be very deadly, if you ever see a snake out in the wild never try to pick it up, even if it looks harmless.  These very dangerous snakes can cause death to many people, many people in Africa die because of snake bites.  if you or your friend get bitten, DO NOT try to suck out the venom from the wound with your mouth, DO NOT put ice on the wound, DO NOT put the wound above the heart.  Follow these symptoms if you ever get bitten: Get to a emergency room as quickly as possible, if the person is going into shock or paleness have the person lay down raise their feet about a foot (30 centimeters) and cover them with a blanket.  I hope this helps!

The Black Mamba

The Black Mamba is a very venomous snake that lives in the Savanna and rocky hills of Southern and Eastern Africa.  They can reach up to 14 feet in length, some people make the venom into medicine or pain relief.  The name Black Mamba originated because of its black mouth.snake-featured-1

The King Cobra

You may already know that a King Cobra has a hood.   But when the snake is scared or even excited the loose skin spreads out.  The adult King Cobra color can be black, brown, green, or sometimes yellow.  The average size is 13 feet long and weighs up to 20-40 lbs. Some regions of the King Cobra are, Grasslands and forests of India, Southern China, and Southeast Asia.  I like the King Cobra because they are very intelligent reptiles and they look cool with the hood.

My brother also created a post about King Cobras you can check it out here!



The Green Anaconda

The Green Anaconda is a huge snake that can grow to more than 29 feet long they are also native to Asia and South America.  They can weigh up to 550 pounds and measure more than 12 inches in diameter.  They can eat prey that is about as big as the snake itself.





A Chameleon has two toes on each foot, they can also change color and they have a very long sticky tongue that is about the length of two chameleons.  They eat crickets and grasshoppers, they also have a prehensile tail that can grab onto any branch.  A Chameleons eyes can look at different things at the same time in all directions! I think Chameleons are really cool.😎

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