Cute but Toxic Newts

The California Newt lives in California (duh!).  It has a grayish back and an orange underside.  It eats earthworms, bloodworms, crickets, snails, woodlice, and mosquito larvae.

The California Newt’s skin is actually toxic, and very poisonous if eaten.  It’s cousin, the Rough-skinned Newt is also very poisonous.  I learned from my teacher that a person dared somebody to eat one, and the person died after he ate it!  So their poisonous skin is how they protect themselves from predators (humans or animals!).   Here is a crazy video showing how a Bullfrog ate a Rough-skinned Newt but then died, and then the newt escaped back out!

I think newts look really cute.  But at least now I know I shouldn’t lick one if I find one in the wild!

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