Basking sharks

I’m about to tell you about a HUGE shark called, the Basking shark.  Basking sharks can be found all around the world, mostly in warmer waters.  They only eat plankton and don’t worry they are totally harmless to humans.  They have a few predators (when you think they probably don’t): White shark, Killer whales, and lampreys.  What do you think of when you hear the word Basking shark? When I hear the word Basking shark I think of a HUGE shark with its mouth wide open.


Basking shark

How fish eat their food under water

Fish have a special mouth that helps them eat their food.  Their mouths are very different  from our mouths.  Fish have something called a buccal cavity.  They open their mouth very quickly and their buccal cavity creates a suction, like a vacuum.  So they suck in their food with all the water that rushes in! Then they let all the water go out of their gill flaps and the fish swallows the prey.  So, next time you feed your gold fish, stay and watch. Or check out this slow-motion video to see for yourself. It’s really cool.