Emililah’s escape from Babel

This is my first writing assignment for the RPC 6 grade History course I just started, It’s a creative writing piece where I imagine what it would have been like to live during the tower of Babel found in the Bible (Genesis 11).  Enjoy!

Emililah woke up one day in the city of Babel, like everyday for the past eleven years, with a huge tower filling up her window, she had grown up watching that tower getting bigger and BIGGER.  Her cat Lola didn’t seem to care about it even though it looked like it could nearly touch the clouds.  Everyone called it the Tower of Shinar.  Many people believed that when it was finished it could reach heaven.  Emililah’s family did not believe this, they knew that the prophets had warned the people that this was not God’s way.  On this seemingly normal day after helping her mom in the kitchen and petting Lola for a while, she went to go play with her best friend Elli.  As she was walking to her house she began to sense something was different.  She saw many people yelling and being frustrated at each other.  when she got to her friends house, Elli opened the door and said “Gamrishal tomaga toteenah!” Emililah couldn’t understand a word she just said.  “What did you say?” replied Emililah.  Thinking Elli was just being silly, they tried to play together but it just wasn’t the same.  She ran home and she noticed that she couldn’t read any of the signs.  People were still confused and things were getting more chaotic.  Everyone was upset except all the donkeys and horses pulling carts in the streets, they were fine, they thought the humans were making the same odd chirping human language noises.

Emililah’s family decided they needed to leave because it was dangerous living in Babel.  They gathered their belongings and traveled north.  They posted a sign that said, “If you can read this, turn left!”.   Soon they started a new village.  Emililah’s parents decided that a good way to make money in these strange times was to set up a language center and put together language phrase books so people could start communicating again.  Luckily Emililah got to bring her cat with her.  Of course, Lola didn’t care what language anyone spoke as long as she got her food.


Tower of Babel

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