Alligator Snapping Turtle VS Common Snapping Turtle

Alligator snapping turtles have a longer nose, they live in swamps and streams, and have sharper beaks than a common snapping turtle.  A common snapping turtle has more of a dull beak, a smoother shell, and they also live in ponds and swamp like places.

The turtle on the left side is an Alligator Snapping turtle, the turtle on the right is a Common Snapping turtle




The way your hand works: a mechanical hand project

I got my first Tinker Crate the other day!  I opened it up and I saw lots of fun stuff, like how a hand works and how to make a mechanical one.  It was very fun and I learned a lot about hands!  How often do you use your hands?  Most of the time, right?  Well, I’m even typing this with my hands and fingers.  Here are some pictures of my mechanical hand project from Kiwi Crate.





I’d like to see a rhinoceros.  It is bigger than me, and smaller than a house.  I think it looks like a big, gray boulder.  There are five different kinds of rhinos.  A group of rhinos is called a crash or a herd.  I think baby rhinos are so cute!White Rhino

How to find articles and adjectives

An article is a word that goes in front of a noun.  There are only three articles: a, an, and the.   Their job is to modify a noun.  So if you have the noun ‘table’ in a sentence, you can find its article by asking “which table?”.  And the answer might be ‘a table’.  So ‘a’ is the article.

There can also be another modifier that often goes between the article and the noun, called an adjective.  Adjectives describe and give more details about nouns.  To find them you should ask a similar question: ” what table?” and the answer might be ‘a brown table’.  So ‘brown’ is the adjective.

There is one more kind of adjective called a proper adjective.  For example, a person’s name might be ‘Bob’, which is a proper noun.  Well, what if you are talking about Bob’s book?  Then when you ask the question “which book?” the answer would be Bob’s book.  So Bob’s is a proper adjective describing his book.  But wait!  Here’s something you may have not thought about.  You know how proper nouns can consist of more than one word?  Like John Jacob Jenkleheimer Smith?  Well, what if you’re talking about John Jacob Jenkleheimer Smith’s book?  In this case, all four of those words become a proper adjective.  Cool.

That’s how you find articles and adjectives.

What is a Noun?

A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea.  For example, a ‘bike’ is a noun because it is a thing.  A ‘boy’ is a noun because it is a person.  A ‘house’ or a ‘park’ are nouns because they are places.  The noun ‘freedom’ is an idea.  These are all examples of common nouns because they only consist of one word and are not capitalized. There are also nouns called proper nouns. They are also a person, place, thing, or idea, but proper nouns can consist of more than one word, like Mrs. Carol.  They are also always capitalized.