Cute but Toxic Newts

The California Newt lives in California (duh!).  It has a grayish back and an orange underside.  It eats earthworms, bloodworms, crickets, snails, woodlice, and mosquito larvae.

The California Newt’s skin is actually toxic, and very poisonous if eaten.  It’s cousin, the Rough-skinned Newt is also very poisonous.  I learned from my teacher that a person dared somebody to eat one, and the person died after he ate it!  So their poisonous skin is how they protect themselves from predators (humans or animals!).   Here is a crazy video showing how a Bullfrog ate a Rough-skinned Newt but then died, and then the newt escaped back out!

I think newts look really cute.  But at least now I know I shouldn’t lick one if I find one in the wild!

How well do you know the Tiger Salamander?

Try this True or False Quiz about the Tiger Salamander!  Answers are below the picture (don’t peek!)

  1. It is 6-8 inches long.  True or false?
  2. Adults are black with grey, green, or yellow stripes.  True or false?
  3. They eat small insects and worms.  True or false?
  4. Adult Tiger Salamanders breathe through gills.  True or false?
  5. Its young are not born from eggs.  True or false?
  6. Tiger salamanders are also sometimes called water dogs.  True or false?
  7. They are born with lungs.  True or false?



  1. True
  2. True
  3. True
  4. False (they breathe with lungs once they are adults)
  5. False (they hatch from eggs as larva similar to tadpoles, because they are amphibians!)
  6. True
  7. False (they have gills in the larva stage)


Red eyed tree frog

The red eyed tree frog can live in humid places such as rainforests, southwestern Costa Rica, northern Oaxaca in Mexico, northern Columbia, rivers, lakes, and ponds.  Red eyed tree frogs can be pets.  They love to hang out in trees and are awesome jumpers.  They eat crickets, moths, flies, and other insects.  Red eyed tree frogs can grow up to 1.5 to 2 inches long and weigh up to 6 or 15 grams.   Female frogs can be slightly bigger than  male frogs. 18619200815_75832fc73e_b

Look at the red eyes, they are AMAZING!

Poison Dart Frog

The Poison Dart frog is a cute but deadly animal.  Poison dart frogs can live in humid forests, and the Pacific Coast of Columbia. The name Poison dart frog came from the bugs they ate, the bugs that they ate may have been poisonous or the bugs ate something poisonous, then the frog ate the poisonous bugs and produced the poison.  Most species of poison dart frogs grow up to 6 cm in length.  They can weigh up to 1 oz.  Wild poison dart frogs are very deadly.  Some poison dart frogs can be pets! Crazy!dendrobates_azureus_qtl1

This is the poison dart frog

The American Bullfrog

The American Bullfrog will eat ANYTHING it comes across, such as birds, other frogs, snakes, fish, rodents, and insects.  Bullfrogs can grow up to 8 inches and weigh up to 1.5 pounds.  A bullfrogs color can be green or grey with brown spots.  They are very easy to take care of as pets.  They can live in lakes, ponds, and marshes.adirondacks_-_american_bullfrog_-_1

This is a bullfrog, notice that the back has brown spots.