Emililah’s escape from Babel

This is my first writing assignment for the RPC 6 grade History course I just started, It’s a creative writing piece where I imagine what it would have been like to live during the tower of Babel found in the Bible (Genesis 11).  Enjoy!

Emililah woke up one day in the city of Babel, like everyday for the past eleven years, with a huge tower filling up her window, she had grown up watching that tower getting bigger and BIGGER.  Her cat Lola didn’t seem to care about it even though it looked like it could nearly touch the clouds.  Everyone called it the Tower of Shinar.  Many people believed that when it was finished it could reach heaven.  Emililah’s family did not believe this, they knew that the prophets had warned the people that this was not God’s way.  On this seemingly normal day after helping her mom in the kitchen and petting Lola for a while, she went to go play with her best friend Elli.  As she was walking to her house she began to sense something was different.  She saw many people yelling and being frustrated at each other.  when she got to her friends house, Elli opened the door and said “Gamrishal tomaga toteenah!” Emililah couldn’t understand a word she just said.  “What did you say?” replied Emililah.  Thinking Elli was just being silly, they tried to play together but it just wasn’t the same.  She ran home and she noticed that she couldn’t read any of the signs.  People were still confused and things were getting more chaotic.  Everyone was upset except all the donkeys and horses pulling carts in the streets, they were fine, they thought the humans were making the same odd chirping human language noises.

Emililah’s family decided they needed to leave because it was dangerous living in Babel.  They gathered their belongings and traveled north.  They posted a sign that said, “If you can read this, turn left!”.   Soon they started a new village.  Emililah’s parents decided that a good way to make money in these strange times was to set up a language center and put together language phrase books so people could start communicating again.  Luckily Emililah got to bring her cat with her.  Of course, Lola didn’t care what language anyone spoke as long as she got her food.


Tower of Babel

Basking sharks

I’m about to tell you about a HUGE shark called, the Basking shark.  Basking sharks can be found all around the world, mostly in warmer waters.  They only eat plankton and don’t worry they are totally harmless to humans.  They have a few predators (when you think they probably don’t): White shark, Killer whales, and lampreys.  What do you think of when you hear the word Basking shark? When I hear the word Basking shark I think of a HUGE shark with its mouth wide open.


Basking shark

How fish eat their food under water

Fish have a special mouth that helps them eat their food.  Their mouths are very different  from our mouths.  Fish have something called a buccal cavity.  They open their mouth very quickly and their buccal cavity creates a suction, like a vacuum.  So they suck in their food with all the water that rushes in! Then they let all the water go out of their gill flaps and the fish swallows the prey.  So, next time you feed your gold fish, stay and watch. Or check out this slow-motion video to see for yourself. It’s really cool.



American Crows are very intelligent animals.  Click here to watch a cool video.  They can live up to 30 years and can make different sounds such as Caw Caw and a rattling sound. Crows are much smaller than ravens and are not that different from them.


American Crow

Polar Bears

Polar bears are about the same size as the Kodiak bear.  Polar bears have 42 teeth,  humans only have 32! Polar bears can make sounds such as bellows, growls, roars, purrs, and chuffs. I saw a video about a man that had a pet polar bear, I thought it was really cool.  Click here if you want to watch the video.


Horses are very beautiful animals.  Here are a few things I like about them.  I like how they are very pretty and how their soft hair feels.  They are big and tall and have beautiful colors such as Brindle, Bay, Chestnut, Black, Grey,  Roan, Dun, and Palomino.  The Dun is my favorite because of its color.  They can have different patterns on their coats such as Pinto and Appaloosa. They have cool markings on their head or nose such as a Blaze, Strip or Stripe, Bald, Star, or Snip. Their legs can have markings too such as a Cornet, Pastern, Sock, and Stocking.  What do you like about horses?


There are many cool facts about elephants and here are a few.  They have about 40,000 muscles in their body! They are the largest land mammal in the world.  They travel in small groups called a herd.  There are two different kinds of elephants, the Indian elephant and the African elephant.  The Indian elephant has a big lump on its head, the African elephant has no lump.  The life span of an elephant is 70 years, thats a long time! Elephants can drink up to 40 gallons of water at a time! They can eat about 500 pounds of vegetation, such as fruit, branches, and grass.  Elephants are amazing animals.

Look at the two different elephants, the African elephant (right) has no lump, the Indian elephant (left) does.


Here are a few cool facts about cheetahs.  Female cheetahs hunt alone, male cheetahs hunt in packs.  Cheetahs eat antelopes and gazelles.  They can live in the savannah, dry forests, and scrub forests.  Cheetah cubs have white fur on their back to make it look like They are a dangerous badger.  Cheetahs are the fastest running land mammal on earth.  They can go from 0 to 60 in three seconds! Their top speed is 70 mph.   They can only run for a few seconds, when they run they get super hot, if they get to hot they have to stop.  If a cheetah runs for too long and they don’t stop they could collapse and die because of the heat.  I wish I could run like a cheetah.

Look how slender the adult cheetah is, That helps it run faster and quicker.



Leopards are the coolest cat I know.  They can see and hear six times better than humans! The spots on a leopard are called rosettes.  All Leopards have a long and puffy tail to help them balance on small or not very stable rocks.  Female leopards can have up to 2 to 4 cubs and the cubs will stay with their mother for about two years.  There is a kind of leopard called the snow leopard.  They can live in Southern Siberia, Kunlun Mountains, and Altai Mountains in Russia.  The snow leopard is my favorite out of all other cats.




The jaguar is the biggest species of cat in the Western Hemisphere.  Jaguars have a very powerful jaw that can crush skulls and bones! They also have a very powerful bite force, so don’t get bit!  Sometimes jaguars can be black. When they are black they are known as black panthers.  Jaguars can eat deer, monkeys, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and small mammals.  They can live in grasslands and forests of the Southwestern U.S. into South America.